Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Whittier, Alaska

In 1986, Whittier was accessible by tour boat or by taking a train through the tunnel.

Today it is possible to drive through the 2.5 mile long tunnel, which takes six minutes. This is the first tunnel in the U.S. with jet turbine and portal fan ventilation.
It is also the longest highway tunnel in North America.

Anton Anderson Tunnel near Whittier, Alaska
Entrance to the Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel from Bear Valley - N60 47 20.6 W148 48 13.5

In Whittier, I looked for the sign I saw in 1986 when I visited by boat.
The sign was no longer there though.

Welcome to Whittier, Alaska -- sign
Not accessible by road: Whittier Alaska - September 1986

Whittier is a small town. The campground in town had no services. It might be best to camp at Williwaw Campground just a few miles the other side of the tunnel.
The harbour is busy with fishing boats and tourists.

Whittier Harbor, Alaska
Whittier Harbour - August 2010

Numerous restaurants and stores line the waterfront.
The Alaska State Ferry comes and goes daily.

Whitter harbour with Alaska Ferry departing
Alaska State Ferry on Prince William Sound departing Whittier - August 2010

Fishing is popular ...

Cove Creek near Whittier, Alaska
Fishing at Cove Creek near Whittier - August 2010

The scenery around Whittier is amazing on a sunny day!

Harriman Glacier viewed from Whittier, Alaska
Harriman Glacier over Prince William Sound, seen from Whittier - August 2010

The landscape is spectacular but the town has various structures including abandoned housing blocks and industrial areas.

Whittier, Alaska
Abandoned building in Whittier - August 2010

Whittier, Alaska
Industrial waterfront in Whittier - August 2010

When it is time to leave, it is back through the tunnel you go!

Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel