Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Whitehorse to Kluane Lake - Alaska Highway

11 September 2017 - Monday

Decided to head out for some more camping and visit my hometown of Beaver Creek. First night would be spent at the Congdon Creek campground by Kluane Lake.
There were some heavy clouds as we headed out on the Alaska Highway.

Driving to Kluane
Heading north on the Alaska Highway towards Haines Junction

The fall colours were brilliant despite the overcast sky.

driving the Alaska Highway
Fall colours on the Alaska Highway approaching Otter Falls turnoff

Kluane sign
Sign by Canyon Creek along the Alaska Highway

North of Haines Junction there had been some recent rainfall but blue sky was showing up.

Alaska Highway in the rain
Recent rainfall on the highway

Christmas Creek
Heading downhill to Christmas Creek near Kluane Lake

Boutillier Summit
Just over Boutillier Summit with Kluane Lake in the distance

The clouds were still thick over the west side of Kluane Lake.

Sheep Mountain and Kluane Lake
Sheep Mountain on the other side of Kluane Lake

Kluane Lake
Looking north on Kluane Lake with a rainbow

Sheep Mountain
View of Sheep Mountain approaching the Slims River crossing on the Alaska Highway

Water levels in Kluane Lake have dropped significantly due to a change in water flow from the Kuskawulsh Glacier to the west.

Kluane Lake island
Mudflats on Kluane Lake - used to be all water but lake levels have dropped

Fall colours are wonderful around Kluane Lake.

Alaska Highway
Mountain views from the Alaska Highway alongside Kluane Lake

Congdon Creek campground
Road into Congdon Creek campground by Kluane Lake

The Congdon Creek Yukon government campground is a beautiful place to overnight.
Also popular with grizzly bears though so be alert while hiking in the area.
There's also a new fenced area so people can tent in the campground.

Congdon Creek campground signs
Signs at the entrance to Congdon Creek campground

Dog drinking water at Kluane Lake
My dog getting some refreshment from Kluane Lake

Kluane Lake hike
Hiking along the Kluane Lake shoreline

Firepit at campground
Enjoying the fire pit at our campsite at Congdon Creek campground

Tomorrow we planned to continue north to Beaver Creek to visit with friends. 

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