Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Whitehorse to Watson Lake - Alaska Highway

4 September 2017

We decided to head south from Whitehorse to Muncho Lake. Our plan was to make it to Liard River hotsprings on the first night, but that didn't work out.

Driving by Jakes Corner southbound
Looking south near Jake's Corner

Southbound on the Alaska Highway
By the

Decided to stop at Squanga Lake for lunch. There's a Yukon government campground there with a dock and boat launch area.

Squanga Lake
Kodi taking a drink at Squanga Lake

Squanga Lake campground and dock
Boat launch area at Squanga Lake

Squanga lake road to lake
Road/trail to the boat launch area

Southbound to Watson lake
Leaving the campground to continue heading south

Teslin River seen from Johnson's Crossing
Teslin River seen from the Johnson's Crossing bridge - looking south

Teslin Lake near Johnson's Crossing
Teslin view

Southbound on the AK Hwy
continuing south on the Alaska Highway

Marsh area beside Alaska Highway
fall colours beside the Alaska Highway near km 1085

Fall colours on the marsh area
marsh area beside the Alaska Hwy

One of the truck tires went flat after a construction zone near Rancheria. After changing the tire, we realized it wasn't repairable so started hoping a replacement would be available in Watson Lake.

Approaching Junction 37 on the AK Hwy
Junction 37, where the Cassiar Hwy meets the Alaska Highway near km 1001

We arrived near Watson Lake at about 6:30 pm so decided to overnight at the Watson Lake campground and then look for a new tire tomorrow.

Watson lake campground sign
approaching Watson Lake southbound

Entrance to Watson Lake Campground
entrance to the Watson Lake campground

Watson lake dock area
boat launch area at the Watson Lake campground

Watson Lake
Watson Lake view from the dock at the boat launch

Watson lake dock
walking on the dock at the Watson Lake campground

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