Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Snag Junction to Beaver Creek to Lake Creek campground, Alaska Highway

1 September 2016 - Thursday

First thing in the morning, a swan family was looking for breakfast.

Sawns in Enger Lake
Trumpeter Swans on Enger Lake (Snag Lake)

The morning was a nice one, so we headed out for a paddle in the kayaks.

Kayaking in Snag Lake
Kayaking on Enger Lake (Snag Lake)

After loading the kayaks, it was time to head to Beaver Creek and get some fuel. We also wanted to visit with some friends - Beaver Creek is my home town.

Beaver Creek sign
Approaching Beaver Creek on the Alaska Highway

Beaver Creek is the most westerly community in Canada.

Beaver Creek most Westerly Community in Canada
Welcome to Beaver Creek sign

After some visiting, we decided to head back south again, not sure where we'd stop for the night.

Heading south out of Beaver Creek
Southbound out of Beaver Creek on the Alaska Highway, looking to the west

Permafrost test section
Permafrost test section on the Alaska Highway

Hill along the Alaska Highway
Fifty years ago we called this "Deadmans Hill", not sure why

Mountain scenic view along the Alaska Highway
Looking west from the Alaska Highway

White River
Looking west up the White River

Scenic view near Lake Creek
More scenery to the west

We overnighted at Lake Creek campground. It was busy and we arrived late, but got a nice site.

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