Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Kluane Lake to Snag Junction, Alaska Highway

31 August 2016 - Wednesday

The clouds were overhead and it was as we headed out for our morning dog walk.

Kluane Lake
Overcast morning at Congdon Creek campground

Dog walk at Kluane Lake
Morning walk at Kluane Lake

Kluane Lake at Congdon Creek
Fresh snow on the mountains over Kluane Lake

We hit the road and the further north we went, the better the weather became.

Donjek River
Donjek River

Donjek River - Alaska Highway
Looking east up the Donjek River

Alaska Highway northbound approaching White River
Heading north, just past the Koidern River

White River
White River

There was fresh chipseal on the highway north of the White River. It was being painted.

Paint lines north of White river
New construction and paint lines north of the White River

It was beautiful so we decided to stop at the Snag Junction campground.

At Snag Junction campground
At the lake by Snag Junction campground

Time to get the kayaks wet.

Kayaking at Snag Lake
Kayaking at Snag Junction campground

Sunny and calm water - beautiful!

Fishing and kayaking
Fishing - nothing caught

Kayaking on the lake
Steve heading back to shore

We overnighted at the campground, enjoying a peaceful break.

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