Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Kluane Lake - summer 2016

Kluane Lake has been getting lower in recent years. In May the water levels were very low. Apparently the Kuskawalsh Glacier has changed and the water is running to the south rather than to the east via the Slims River.

Geologists say this is the new normal - this change was predicted many years ago. Kluane Lake is now 4-5 feet lower than the past averages for this time of year.

The dogs on the south shore of Kluane Lake, looking west
The dogs on the south shore in 21 May 2016

Wind and dust storm on the Kluane mud flats
A wind and dust storm blowing across the mud flats on 4 June 2016

Slims River mud flats in the wind with dust
The view of the wind/dust storm from Soldiers Summit on 4 June 2016

Sheep Mountain at Kluane Lake
There's more water on 14 August 2016 and fall colours are starting

Sheep Mountain at the Slims River, Alaska Highway
Slims River crossing on 14 August 2016

Hiking on Sheep Mountain looking at the Slims River flats
The wind blowing across the mud flats on 14 August 2016

The island in Kluane Lake with a dust storm
There's minimal water west of the island on 14 August 2016

Dust storm on Kluane LakeDust blowing near the island on Kluane Lake on 14 August 2016

Dust on the mud flats at Kluane Lake
Dust blowing across the mud flats west of the highway on 14 August 2016

Weird wind rising dust
Odd looking sand pillars just west of the Slims River bridge on 14 August 2016

Looking west with weird dust rising on the mud flats of Slims River, Kluane Lake
More of the sand pillars on 14 August 2016

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