Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

 Tarfu Lake, Atlin Road to Whitehorse, Yukon

18 September 2015 - Friday

It was overcast and raining this morning. The original plan had been to enjoy the day at Tarfu Lake, but it was too wet. So we headed out. There was a delay at the first construction zone - a truck hit a bridge and we had to wait until they got the truck clear of the bridge.

Bridge accident
Truck stuck on a bridge on the Atlin Road

Once the truck was clear, we crossed the narrow bridge too.

Atlin Road in the rain
Crossing the bridge after the truck was removed

It was still raining, but we figured we'd check the Snafu Lake campground.

Sign for Snafu Lake
Entrance to Snafu Lake campground on the Atlin Road

There weren't too many campsites that would have fit our rig. We turned and hit the road again.

Snafu Lake
Snafu Lake in the rain

The construction zones were wet and yucky.

Atlin Road
Construction zone on the Atlin road

Despite the rain, the colours were nice.

Atlin Lake
Northbound on the Atlin Road with Atlin Lake on the horizon

Then back at Tagish Road deciding which way to turn.

Junction of Atlin Road and Tagish Road
Atlin Road junction with Tagish Road

We turned right to head to the Alaska Highway.

Mountains in the rain
The rain clouds remained thick and low

Alaska Highway junction
Tagish Road at the Alaska Highway, near Jake's Corner

Alaska Highway distance sign
On the way to Whitehorse - 84 km to go

Yukon River rest area
Rest area at the Yukon River

Yukon River
Looking back at the Yukon River

Welcome to Whitehorse
Welcome to Whitehorse, the sun was trying to peek through

In Whitehorse, we drove down Robert Service Blvd to downtown.

S.S. Klondike on the Yukon River in Whitehorse
Yukon River and the S.S. Klondike historical site beside downtown

Drove through town then back to the highway, heading home.

Alaska Highway and Klondike Highway junction
Alaska Highway junction with the Klondike Highway (to Dawson City)

We carried on along the Alaska Highway, looking forward to getting home.

Alaska Highway west of Whitehorse
Alaska Highway northwest of Whitehorse

Alaska Highway near Annie Ned Creek
Alaska Highway near Annie Ned Creek

It was nice to get home. No rain!

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