Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Simpson Lake, Campbell Highway to Tarfu Lake, Atlin Road

17 September 2015 - Thursday

It was overcast and raining this morning, not part of our kayaking plans. Decided to have breakfast and leave. While loading the kayaks, we noticed a moose swimming across Simpson Lake! It was raining and she was far away, so image quality is poor.

Moose swimming
Moose swimming across the lake

Moose in lake
Moose swimming in the distance

Time to hit the road again...

Leaving Simpson lake
Leaving Simpson Lake campground to head south to Watson Lake

The rain wasn't helping with the picture taking.  

Campbell Highway
Southbound on the Campbell Highway

The construction crews were out.

Construction zone
Construction zone

Despite the rain, the colours were nice.

Bridge on Campbell Highway
Rain on the windshield approaching the bridge over the Frances River, km 58-ish

Then we were back in Watson Lake.

Watson Lake
Driving through Watson Lake, approaching the tourist info centre

After filling with fuel, we turned right to head north on the Alaska Highway.

Northbound Alaska Highway
Heading west on the Alaska Highway with the Liard River in the distance - km 990-ish

Distance sign
Approaching Highway 37 - the Cassiar Highway - km 1002

There is a big rest area west of Highway 37 at about km 1003 that is a good spot  to stretch the legs and eat lunch. The info signs show the options for southbound travellers.

Rest area sign
Information sign at the rest area, about the B.C. routes to Yukon

The highway dips into B.C. and then into Yukon again.

Northbound again
Continuing west on the Alaska Highway, approx km 1061

Construction zones again...this bridge is over Partridge Creek

AK Hwy construction zone
Partridge Creek Bridge upgrades - about km 1141

Rain clouds
Cassiar Mountains in thick overcast to the south, about km 1144

At the border between Yukon & B.C. near km 1202, there is a large lake, Morley Lake.
We overnighted here in 2009.

Morley Lake
Kodi checking out the lake shore

Lake view
Morley Lake and fall colours

Back on the road again, heading into Teslin.

approaching Teslin
Approaching Teslin Lake and the town of Teslin

Teslin bridge
Teslin bridge

At the Yukon Motel, where we fill with diesel, there are animal statues that get the dogs curious.

statues at Teslin
Moose and caribou at the Yukon Motel

From here we weren't sure where to go. Decided to turn south at Jake's Corner and check the campgrounds on the road to Atlin.

Tagish Road
Turning onto Tagish Road with Atlin Lake in the distance

Atlin Lake beside Atlin road
Atlin Lake beside Atlin Road, heading south

Snafu Campground sign
Construction near the Snafu Lake Campground

Tarfu Lake campground sign
Entrance to Tarfu Lake campground

Road into Tarfu Lake
Lake beside the Tarfu Lake campground road

The campsites are small and not level, unless you park on the upper area. We parked by the lake but it took some precise backing in and then some leveling of the fifth wheel to fit the site.

Campsite at Tarfu lake
Campsite at Tarfu Lake

As the sun set, it cast a golden glow through the rain clouds.

Tarfu lake
Setting sun on Tarfu Lake

The campground was mostly empty, with one other camper in place. It was a quiet night. 

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