Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Tetsa River to Liard Hotsprings, Alaska Highway

15 September 2015 - Tuesday

Another beautiful morning after a quiet night.

Tetsa River
Hiking with the dogs along the Tetsa River

Last night we passed a hiking trail a short distance from the campground, so decided to backtrack and check it out.

Teetering Rock Trail
Sign for Teetering Rock Trail - 23 km round trip

It was more than we needed! So we walked along the old Alaska Highway through here, which was an easy hike and scenic.

Fall colours
Fall colours from near the Teetering Rock Trail

On the road again...

Alaska Highway with fall colours
Back to the Alaska Highway and ready to turn north

Alaska Highway heading north
Alaska Highway heading north

Fall colours on the mountains
Fall colours in the brilliant sunshine

Stone Mountain park is a nice area so I looked forward to the drive through.

Stone Mountain park sign
Stone Mountain provincial park sign

In Stone Mountain park
km 595 approaching Stone Mountain

We camped at Summit Lake on our way south. It is a beautiful spot with good hiking, but is often windy. It was too early in the day to stop for the evening so we carried on.

Summit Lake campground sign
Summit Lake campground sign, with Stone Mountain

Wonder why they're called the Rocky Mountains?

Time for another hike to stretch the legs.

Erosion Pillar trail
Sign at the Erosion Pillar Trail

The trail starts out easy enough.

Hiking on the Erosion Pillar trail
Starting the hike on the Erosion Pillar trail

Erosion Pillar
Now that's a pillar!

There's some steep climbing, if you're into that.

On top of an erosion pillar
We climbed up and around one of the pillars

Kodi on a pillar
Kodi was keeping his eyes open for varmints

Back at the highway there is a lake, which the dogs both enjoyed.

Ursa in a lake drinking water
After the walk, Ursa was content to drink water from a nearby lake

On the road again, through an area that often has Stone Sheep on the highway. None today, but there were several on our way north.

Alaska Highway
The Alaska Highway is narrow and winding along this stone mountain

Alaska Highway on stone
Keep your eyes open for Stone Sheep through here

Almost finished the downhill
Back to a better highway, almost to the bottom of the valley

Following an RV on the Alaska Highway
Another RV on the Alaska Highway heading north in the fall colours

Fall colours in the sunshine
More brilliance on the mountains

Mountain view
The scenery doesn't get boring

Steve noticed a moose in a lake as we drove by. There was a good spot to pull over and I took some pictures of the cow moose in the distance.

Moose in a lake
Cow moose in a marshy lake to the southwest of the highway

Nearing Liard River
Liard River in the distance

Liard River
Liard River, looking northeast

The Liard Hotsprings campground was quiet tonight. We stopped early so got our favourite campsite. Then we headed to the springs for an evening soak. Always makes for a good sleep!

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