Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

To Kluane Lake for a night, Yukon

18 July 2015 - Saturday

It was looking good for the weekend. Years ago I was a competitive rower and since moving to Yukon, I hadn't been on the water in my rowing shell. I no longer had my racing shell, but still had my recreational open-water shell. Rowing on Kluane Lake has long been on my bucket list. So we loaded my shell on the truck and headed off for a night of camping at Congdon Creek campground on Kluane Lake.

Kluane Lake and Sheep Mountain
Approaching Sheep Mountain and the Slims River on the Alaska Highway

Island in Kluane Lake
Looking east across Kluane Lake and the mud flats - water seemed low

When we arrived the water was flat calm. Stunning! Before setting up camp, I headed out. Then if the wind came up, I'd feel okay about it!

Rowing on Kluane Lake
Afternoon row on flat calm water at Kluane Lake

I hadn't been on the water for about eight years, so it was a workout! It didn't take long to get back into it and find my flow. As before, I loved it! Needed a rest after a while though, so we headed off for a dog walk. The lake continued to be amazingly calm!

Dogs enjoying a dip in Kluane Lake
Kodi and Ursa enjoying a dip in the clear waters of Kluane Lake

Calm water on Kluane Lake

We had invited the folks in the campsite next to us to join our walk. They did and it was enjoyable!

On the beach at Kluane Lake
Walking the dogs on the beach along Kluane Lake

At the campsite at Kluane Lake
Back at the campsite at Congdon Creek campground

The water was staying calm! And so I headed out again!

Rowing on Kluane Lake
Rowing my Maas Aero on Kluane lake

Flat calm Kluane Lake, good for rowing
It almost felt surreal - no one else was on the lake and the water was flat

Rowing Kluane
Love my Dreher carbon fibre oars

It was an amazing day with some wonderful rowing. Cross another one off the bucket list!

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