Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Tombstone Mtn Campground to the Arctic Circle, Yukon

30 June 2015 - Tuesday

Some hazy cloud overhead this morning. After unhooking the fifth wheel, we headed north on the Dempster, determined to make it to the Arctic Circle and back before dark! Well, actually, there is no dark this time of year, so we could drive all night if need be.

We left the campground at 8:30 a.m. with a slightly overcast sky.

North Klondike river
North Klondike River with Tombstone Mountain in the distance - N64.52324° W138.24554°

The haze was a problem for photographs. Sigh...
Fortunately, I have some great images of Tombstone Mountain from a previous trip.

Tombstone Mountain
A hazy Tombstone Mountain in the distance - N64.52325° W138.24554°

Dempster Highway
Scenic view along the Dempster Highway northbound - N64.59664° W138.30243°

Sign with distance to Inuvik

Sign indicating 261 km to Eagle Plains and 633 km to Inuvik, at approx. km 99 on the Dempster

Lake along the Dempster Hwy
Two Moose Lake - N64.84951° W138.31786°

Dempster Highway shoulder
Dempster geology, approx. km 138 - N65.01403° W138.19815°

Hills along the Dempster Highway
More rocks at approx. km157 - N65.07397° W138.35038°

More rocks along the Dempster Highway
Northbound - N65.07885° W138.36068°

Dall Sheep
Dall Sheep on a hillside at approx km 173 - N65.20226° W138.32877°

Dall Sheep looking at me
This Dall was quite curious about me - N65.20305° W138.32833°

Sign for Engineer Creek Campground
Sign for Engineer Creek campground - N65.35170° W138.26799°

River along the Dempster Highway
The Ogilvie River to the right with more Dempster geology on the left - N65.58492° W138.17174°

Eagle Plains sign
Only 2 km to Eagle Plains Lodge and lunch! - N66.36817° W136.72284°

At Eagle Plains we stopped to get lunch to go; figured we enjoy our nutrition at the Arctic Circle.

The Dempster Hwy is an airstrip at approx km 391 - N66.50866° W136.55070°

Approaching the Arctic Circle
Approaching the Arctic Circle viewpoint and rest area - N66.56546° W136.30786°

We arrived at the Arctic Circle, approx km 405, at about 2:15 p.m.

The truck at the Arctic Circle
The truck at the Arctic Circle - N66.56548° W136.30780°

Car at the arctic circle
Little cars can do the Dempster too - N66.56548° W136.30780°

We ate our lunch at the picnic tables at the Arctic Circle.  Very enjoyable!
Then time to head back to the Tombstone Mountain campground!

Ogilvie Ridge
Back at the Ogilvie Ridge rest stop - N65.78476° W137.78062°

Southbound on the Dempster Highway
Scenic views southbound along the Ogilivie River again - N65.46515° W138.20279°

MountainsMore geology - N65.40222° W138.27526°

Rocky Ridge
Never a dull scene, the Ogilvie River was still to my left -N65.38318° W138.27804°

The river below runs red due to the minerals/rocks.
There is also a strong sulphur smell in the area.

Red coloured river
Red river alongside the Dempster Highway - N65.26895° W138.24587°

Dempster scenery
Rocky slopes - N65.06700° W138.31496°

Dempster colours
Dempster colours about km 130  - N64.95492° W138.26019°

Tombstone Park sign
Tombstone Park sign near Chapman Lake - N64.84139° W138.34276°

We arrived at the Tombstone Mountain campground at 8 p.m. That was an 11.5 hour day on the road; 335 km Tombstone to the Arctic Circle and return another 335 km. The GPS says I was moving 5 hours to there and 4.5 hours return, plus our rest stops.

It was a nice evening. Looking forward to tomorrow, when we plan to explore more.

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