Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Top of the World And Dempster Highways, Yukon

29 June 2015 - Monday

We woke to a very nice morning. Clear sky and sunshine! Today the plan was to drive back to Dawson City and then continue north on the Dempster Highway to Tombstone Mountain campground and park.

gravel Top of the World Highway
Heading east on the Dempster Highway

We usually drive the Dempster in the fall when the colours are red & yellow. The summer greens were almost disorienting!

Valley view
View of a valley to the north of the Top of the World Highway

Before arriving at Dawson City eastbound, there's a rest area with a viewpoint.

Yukon River viewpoint
View of the Yukon River from the Top of the World Highway

On the descent to Dawson City, there is a nice view of Dawson City across the river. Not suitable for RV's to stop there if the traffic is busy. It is narrow and there isn't a pull-off, just a widening in the road. I was driving my little car so was able to pull over.

Dawson City viewpoint
Dawson City viewed from the west side of the Yukon River

Then the long descent to the ferry crossing to Dawson City.

Approaching the ferry
Approaching the Yukon River ferry crossing to Dawson City

Yukon River ferry crossing
The ferry on the Yukon River

RV offloading the ferry
Truck and trailer offloading from the Yukon River ferry

Waiting at the ferry in Dawson City
Vehicles waiting for the ferry on the east side of the river

We didn't stop in Dawson on the way through. Filled with fuel at the junction of the Dempster Hwy.

Start of the Dempster Highway
Rest area at the start of the Dempster Highway

sign at the Dempster Highway
Signs at the start of the Dempster Highway

Bridge at the start of the Dempster Highway
First bridge on the Dempster Highway - it is single lane

gravel Dempster Highway
Heading north on the Dempster Highway

Dempster Highway travel
Continuing northward

Tombstone Mountain campground is a government campground. It is a nice spot, often busy and full for the night. No reservations taken, so plan to arrive early if you can.

Tombstone park sign
Tombstone Mountain campground sign

There is a great hiking trail from the campground to the North Klondike River. It is rough and wet in spots so wear a good shoe.

North Klondike River hike
Kodi by the trail sign

North Klondike River at Tombstone
North Klondike River near the end of the trail

That evening I walked out to the highway with Kodi to take some photographs.

Dempster view
Dempster Highway by the campground, looking southwest

Mountains at the Dempster Highway
Dempster Highway by the campground, looking north to Goldensides mountain

It was a nice evening. Looking forward to tomorrow, when we planned to explore more.

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