Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

North Klondike Highway, Yukon

27 June 2015 - Saturday

We needed to be in Dawson City tomorrow, to pick up our niece. She was visiting to do the Yukon River Quest, a race from Whitehorse to Dawson City along the Yukon River.

After packing the fifth wheel, we headed out early in the afternoon.

Five Finger Rapids on the Klondike Highway in Yukon
First stop was to take a look at Five Finger Rapids on the Yukon River, north of Carmacks

Junction of Silver Trail and Klondike Highway in Yukon
North of Stewart, turn left to go to Dawson City, or go right to Mayo and Keno

North Klondike Highway scenery
The weather was decent for our drive

Moose Creek campground in Yukon
After a few rough construction zones, we arrived at Moose Creek campground after 6 p.m.

After supper it was time for a walk to stretch the legs. There's an interesting trail from the campground to the Stewart River. MOSQUITOS. Lots of mosquitos. We practically jogged the whole way to avoid being eaten alive!

Dog in the Stewart River
Ursa taking a break in the Stewart River

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