Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Haines Road to Kluane Lake, Yukon

17 May 2015 - continued from the morning

After leaving our lunch stop, we continued north to return to Yukon.

Yukon sign
Yukon - Larger than Life sign

Every time we approach Dezadeash Lake northbound, I take a picture...

Approaching Dezadeash Lake Northbound
Dezadeash Lake

The ice was completely off Dezadeash Lake. It was beautiful today! No white caps!

Dezadeash Lake
A calm Dezadeash Lake

Approaching Haines Junction...

Near Haines Junction
Paint Mountain in the distance with Haines Junction on the left

At the junction in Haines Junction, we turned left.

Turn left to Kluane Lake
Turning left to go to Kluane Lake on the Alaska Highway

There's many, many pictures of the area between Haines Junction and Kluane Lake on my site here. Today, I just sat back and enjoyed the scenery until we arrived at Kluane Lake.

Kluane Lake wind storm
Wind whipping up the sand from the Slims River over on to Kluane Lake

The wind and sand storm were amazing! The most extensive that I have seen.

Wind storm by Sheep Mountain
Approaching Sheep Mountain with the sand blowing off the Slims River on the left

Looking back at the windo storm
Around the lake and looking back at the sand storm

We pulled into a favourite spot and settled in. The ice was still on the north end of the lake but gone from the south end.

Ice on Kluane lake
Looking across Kluane Lake at the ice

Steve tried some fishing...no luck! Last fall he caught a nice trout here.

Fishing on Kluane Lake
Steve fishing

Ice on north end of Kluane Lake
The ice in the distance, looking north

The afternoon was warm and comfy.

Kodi guarding
Kodi taking care of things

I found this survey marker from 1943, when the Alaska Highway was constructed.

Survey marker for the Alaska Highway
1943 Survey Marker - Alaska Highway

We had planned to stay the night. BUT I had forgotten about how quickly the sun would disappear behind the mountains. The air cooled quickly and it was still early in the afternoon. So we headed out again. Ended up driving home, just a couple of hours away.

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