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To Kluane Lake - Alaska Highway, Yukon

18 September 2014 - Thursday

The days are getting shorter and our opportunities for camping are also becoming limited. It was a good day to head out, maybe to visit Beaver Creek, my hometown.

Alaska Highway
This marsh, not too far from our place, usually has some birds in it

Alaska Highway
Heading west towards Haines Junction

We sometimes camp at Pine Lake campground near Haines Junction. But the clouds were out so we weren't tempted to stop.

Alaska Highway
Sometimes we camp at Pine Lake but the weather looked good further north

Carrying on north from Haines Junction.

Alaska Highway
Northward on the Alaska Highway

The sky cleared again, brilliant blue!

Alaska Highway
The fall colours accent the marshes nicely, even though most of the leaves are off the trees

Alaska Highway
Sulphur Lake seemed high

Alaska Highway
The descent to Christmas Creek, with Kluane Lake in the distance

Alaska Highway
Kluane Lake, often this brilliant aqua colour

Alaska Highway
Sheep Mountain, Kluane Lake and fall colours alongside the highway

Alaska Highway
Sheep Mountain reflection

Alaska Highway
Approaching Slims River and starting to look for white dots on Sheep Mountain

Saw some white dots on Sheep Mountain so pulled over for some pictures.

Alaska Highway
Sheep Mountain with some white dots about half way up a bit right of centre

A bit better view of the dots - Dall Sheep

Alaska Highway
Dall Sheep on Sheep Mountain

Almost at our favourite campground in Yukon.

Alaska Highway
Congdon Creek campground sign - km 1664 Alaska Highway

It was a great night for hiking the lakeshore and enjoying a campfire. The sweet smell of fall was in the air. Wonderful! 

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