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Headed to Kluane Lake for the night

23 August 2014 - Saturday

A sunny day and some time on our hands. Good reason to load the kayaks on the truck and connect the fifth wheel for a trip to Kluane Lake!

Fall colours are beginning to show so there was texture to the landscape today.

Marsh at Christmas Creek along the Alaska Highway

Kluane Hills showing fall colours

Driving the Alaska Highway, looking across at Sheep Mountain on Kluane Lake

The old log supports for the telegraph poles that crossed through here long ago

Kluane Lake was calm, so calm!

It was tempting to stop at the boat launch and put the kayaks on the water. Instead, continued to Congdon Creek Yukon gov't campground to get a site. Figured we'd unhook the fifth wheel and backtrack with the truck to the boat launch.

Arriving at Congdon Creek Yukon gov't campground

Timing was perfect! Two rental motorhomes followed us in, BUT our favourite waterfront site was available AND we got there first! Yippee! After settling in, we noted the lake was also calm in this area so decided to launch the kayaks from the campground.

Heading south on Kluane Lake along the west shoreline

The colours were soothing and the water calm - the sun was warm too!

Around a point, the water became glass-like. It had me wishing I was in my rowing shell! Spectacular water conditions!

Yours truly

Looking south along the Kluane Ranges - we noted HUGE boulders on the lake bottom too 

Steve in the distance, near a sandbar in the lake - the gulls didn't appreciate our presence!

Back at the shore by the campground - looking south

Looking north along the shoreline

It was about 6:00 p.m. when we came off the water. The sun was still warm and we were thirsty. Took some time to enjoy some liquid refreshment while staring at the lake.

After supper it was time for the dog walk. Kodi has developed a fondness for water. Wouldn't be surprised to see him go for a swim soon!

Kodi enjoying a bit of a dip and sip

It was a lovely evening. Weather forecast was for more sun tomorrow. We'll see.

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