Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Grizzly Bear in Kluane country - Yukon

24 June 2014 - Tuesday

After a nice few days  camping in the Kluane Lake and Haines Junction area, it was time to head for home. The day was pleasant as we hit the road.

We were seeing numerous grizzly this trip and today was no exception.

Grizzly Bear
Doesn't seem to appreciate the paparazzi - maybe we woke it up?

These pictures are in sequence...

Grizzly Bear looking at me
Checking the traffic going by

Grizzly Bear
Smelling something?

Grizzly Bear scene
Trotting out towards the highway

Grizzly Bear
Same bear, different look

Grizzly Bear near Alaska Highway
Checking me out in the truck while trotting towards the highway

Grizzly Bear beside highway
Still watching me as it heads towards the back of our fifth wheel

Grizzly Bear trotting
Heading up the ditch slope towards the back of the fifth wheel -- WAIT -- DARN...

The bear approached the back hatch of the fifth wheel where we store the BBQ. It was smelling the steaks we had last night! It started the check the hatch area with nose and paws looking for a way in! Time to leave obviously, so we carefully pulled away. It did not give chase...PHEW!

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