Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Haines Road, Yukon & British Columbia

2 March 2014 - Sunday

Haven't seen clouds for a long while so figured we'd go hunting. Haines Road seemed a likely spot. So off we went!

After we got home and I was downloading the pictures, I realized we did the same trip exactly a year ago!

Haines Road Dezadeash Lake
Southbound along Dezadeash Lake

Haines Road - Dezadeash Lake
What? We should have had the camper...

Haines Road
From the viewpoint, overlooking the Tatshenshini-Alsek Park area

Haines Road - Million Dollar Falls sign
Million Dollar Falls campground entrance

Haines Road
Continuing southbound

Cross Country skiers
Cross country skiers and their dog at Chuck Creek

Glave Peak - Haines Road
Glave Peak at Three Guardsmen Pass

Haines Road
Did a U-turn, northbound at Three Guardsmen. After our walk, enjoyed the scenery while eating lunch

Haines Road
It was warm and beautiful!

Haines Road at Haines Summit
Approaching Haines Summit, northbound

Haines Road - Haines Summit
People told us in 2013 the snow was low. Can't imagine what they think about 2014!

Haines Road Kelsall Lake
Kelsall Lake in the distance

Haines Road
More views northbound

Haines Road - Yukon sign
Welcome to Yukon!

Haines Road - approaching Dezadeash Lake
Dezadeash Lake

Haines Road - kathleen Lake
Kathleen Lake

Haines Junction, Yukon
Haines Junction

Paint Mountain and Alaska Highway
Paint Mountain, just north of Haines Junction - or as you head 'south' towards Whitehorse

Haines Road
Ursa keeps her eyes open for elk, moose, whatever...

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