Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Whitehorse and Yukon River in winter

3 January 2014 - Wednesday

There was sunshine out at midday.
Decided it was a good opportunity to play with a new camera in the cold!

Whitehorse in winter
Shooting directly into the sun, across the Yukon River

The Yukon River is not completely frozen so there is ice fog to add intrigue.

Whitehorse in winter
Yukon River flowing by the SS Klondike

Whitehorse in winter
The SS Klondike, a tourist attraction beached on the Yukon River shoreline

Looking around I saw the top of Haeckel Hill in the sunshine. Thought it would make a good test for the superzoom on the camera. The hilltop is 10 km distance from the SS Klondike, as the crow flies. 

Whitehorse in winter
Haeckel Hill, 10 km distance!

Whitehorse in winter
I was impressed with the zoom on this little camera!

Whitehorse in winter
Grave houses across the Yukon River, just north of the hospital

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