Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Elk along the Alaska Highway, again

11 October 2013 - Friday

The elk were along the highway again. A smaller group than last night with a different bull. I could hear the others deeper into the bush, with another male bugling a ruckus.

Elk Bull
A different bull than I saw last night

Takhini Elk
Again, watching me closely

Takhini Elk
Not sure what this was about, but it scared off the other elk

One of the cows knows me. I see her often. She likes to stand in the middle of our driveway so we've had a few conversations about how rude that is, especially when I have a deadline to make in town.

Takhini Elk
I know this cow

Takhini Elk
The same look when I ask her to move off the driveway ...

The light was fading. Time to head home, just a couple of kilometres away.

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