Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Elk along the Alaska Highway

10 October 2013 - Thursday

More elk! These were munching the vegetation along the Alaska Highway. The males were also bugling and making a nuisance of themselves. I also photographed this herd in the distance in mid-August. Visit my 2015 elk page to hear an elk bugling.

Takhini Elk
Close up and personal with a 400mm zoom lens

Takhini Elk portrait of a cow
Keeping her eye on me and the bull in the background

Takhini Elk bull strutting his stuff
The bulls are usually more shy than the girls

Takhini Elk bull with antlers
This bull trotted around a bit, bugling now and then

Takhini Elk posing
Kept his eye on me too

Why did the elk cross the road?

Takhini Elk Bull on the Alaska Highway
Why is he watching me? Maybe he recognizes me from previous photo shoots

young elk eating
The others focused on eating

Takhini Elk bull
He kept trotting around

Not everyone gets to see these sights on their daily commute. Lucky me!

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