Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

 Lake Creek on our way home, Yukon

2 September 2013 - Monday

It was a beautiful morning! Fresh cranberries in our oatmeal started the day right!
On the road headed towards home today ...

AK Hwy in Yukon
Southbound just south of Lake Creek campground

The morning was perfect for picture taking. Again, while Steve drove I pointed the camera out the window and took pictures.

AK Hwy in Yukon
Kluane Ranges visible to the west of the Alaska Highway

Glaciers and snowcaps visible in the distance to the west.

AK Hwy in Yukon
Kluane Ranges and St. Elias Mountains and Kluane Wildlife Sanctuary

Soon it was the Donjek River again, this time looking westward from the bridge.

AK Hwy in Yukon
Donjek River with Kluane Ranges in the background

Climbing on the highway out of the Donjek River Valley the view improves!

AK Hwy in Yukon
Saint Clare Peak with the Donjek River below

The Shakwak Trench has many wetlands.

AK Hwy in Yukon
Wetlands near the Kluane River

There's a memorial on the old Alaska Highway beside the Kluane River. Years ago when the river was running high it sometimes lapped at the highway's edge. I was also always curious about Lieutenant Small and how his memorial came to be here. Apparently he died in a jeep accident.  Most highway travellers aren't aware of this spot as the new Alaska Highway bypasses it.

AK Hwy in Yukon
Lt Small Memorial Site

After a dog walk and some exploring on foot, we headed off again.

AK Hwy in Yukon
Southbound on the Alaska Highway approaching the Duke River bridge

AK Hwy in Yukon
The Duke River, looking west from the highway

Once again Kluane Lake filled the view with its colour!

AK Hwy in Yukon
Kluane Lake seen from a spot just north of Burwash Landing

South of Destruction Bay the mountains tower above the highway.

AK Hwy in Yukon
Kluane Ranges towering over the Alaska Highway along Kluane Lake

From a young age I've searched the slopes of Sheep Mountain for white dots. Sometimes the Dall Sheep are there, sometimes not. Today the sheep were on the south facing slope.

AK Hwy in Yukon
See the white dots?

Working the telephoto lens helped a bit BUT the sheep were a long distance away!

AK Hwy in Yukon
Dall sheep relaxing in the sun

While we were stopped at the visitor centre I took some shots to the west.

AK Hwy in Yukon
View westward from the visitor centre at the base of Sheep Mountain

The historical site of Silver City was near. Good spot to stop to eat and relax in the sun.

AK Hwy in Yukon
View of Kluane Lake and Sheep Mountain from near Silver City

I try to take a picture each year of this original lodge at Silver City.
It has changed in past decades. See my page dedicated to this historical site.

AK Hwy in Yukon
Silver City lodge in September 2013

Silver City
And again in June 1996

After lunch and a light snooze in the sunshine it was time to hit the road again. It was a great weekend with much variety in Yukon's outdoors!  Love it all!

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