Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Takhini elk herd along the Alaska Highway

13 August 2013 - Tuesday

This morning we could hear the elk 'bugling". The screech and chortles were distinctive and obviously nearby. If you want to hear an elk bugle, visit my page from Sept 26, 2015.

Then we spotted the herd on a nearby hill. Too many trees in the way to photograph from the cabin so I jumped in my car and drove out to the Alaska Highway. Spotted the herd on the ridge of the hill, about 500 metres distant.

Elk herd on a hillside
Initially they were looking up the hill to the left while walking downhill to the right

Elk cows and calves on a hillside
The young calf seemed confused ... it checked this young buck to see if it could nurse!

Elk standing and watching
The girls knew I was stopped on the highway and kept their eyes on me

Elk moving on a hill, with a bull
One of the bull elk

The herd was slowly moving down the hill, seemingly to get away from whatever it was they had been watching uphill. Just as the elk were disappearing behind the trees near the bottom, I heard a loud bugle from the right. The herd immediately turned and dashed back UP the hill!

Elk running fast
Dashing back up the hill

After the dash, the herd settled down and returned to munching.

Elk herd together with a bull
Some ate while others kept a watchful eye

I adjusted the zoom to show more landscape and more of the herd.

Elk herd on a ridge
I pulled back on the telephoto lens to show more of the herd

Then another up close ... making the telephoto lens work!

Elk cows
Elk still keep watch

Then something startled the herd again, and off they went!

Elk running in Yukon
Running uphill again

Showing more of the herd in the distance again ...

Elk in the distance on a hill
Takhini elk herd

Herd of elk together
Still restless

Elk watching carefully
Some looking down, and some still looking my way

Elk watching the photographer
Looking all around

Most of the herd started to disappear over the ridge into the trees. I zoomed in for a few last shots.

Elk watching for somethine
One of the last shots from this day

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