Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Kluane Lake to Haines Junction - Alaska Highway

1 July 2013 - Monday

Another nice morning! The trail up to Soldier's Summit is always a nice walk for the dogs. After prepping the camper for motion, we headed a few miles south to the parking area for the trail. 

The trail is well-maintained but does have some elevation gain. In the past, we've also hiked on the unmaintained portions of the old Alaska Highway.

Soldier's Summit Trail
The old Alaska Highway grade near Soldier's Summit from June 2012

AK Hwy
Heading up the trail to Soldier's Summit

It takes only 10 minutes or so to reach the site of the official opening of the Alaska Highway. There are also pictures of the official opening ceremony from November 1942. Looked cold then! 

Soldier's Summit
Soldier's Summit with Kluane Lake in the background

AK Hwy
Looking in the opposite direction ... the mountains in Kluane National Park!

There's a rough trail heading northward from Soldier's Summit. Time for some exploring! 

AK Hwy
Looking south at Kluane Lake from the rough trail

Back to the parking area to continue heading home.

AK Hwy
Looking west across the Slim's River to the Kluane Ranges / St Elias Mountains

The depth of colours was wonderful this morning! 

AK Hwy
Slim's River mud flats

AK Hwy
And more of the mudflats at the Slim's River

Continuing south on the Alaska Highway, the mountains are scenic. 

AK Hwy
Looking west from the Alaska Highway

I continued to point the camera out the window while Steve drove ...

AK Hwy
Snowy mountains in July

Approaching Haines Junction the landscape opens wider. 

AK Hwy
Still looking west out the truck window

Near Haines Junction, the valley through which the Dezadeash and Alsek River flows provides a nice backdrop.

AK Hwy
Alsek Valley

Another very nice weekend in Yukon!

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