Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Alaska Highway - Whitehorse to Kluane Lake YT

8 June 2013 - Saturday

With nothing better to do with our time, we decided to head out for the night. At the end of the driveway, the truck turned right onto the Alaska Highway headed towards Haines Junction.

Have driven by & through Canyon Creek many times and never stopped for a picture of the replica bridge across the creek. This time traffic was light so we stopped on the newer bridge on the Alaska Highway and I took some pictures.

Canyon Bridge YT
Canyon Creek bridge - a replica of the original bridge at this location

A couple of minutes further down the road, a grizzly was disappearing into the trees.

AK Hwy
Brown bear strolling into the trees along the Alaska Highway

The skies were a bit overcast so photo-ops weren't great. At Haines Junction the mountains were a bit obscured by the cloud. We decided to turn right towards Kluane Lake.

AK Hwy
Sign in Haines Junction advising travellers to turn right to continue on the Alaska Highway

It seems every trip I take a picture from this spot ...

AK Hwy
Sheep Mountain rises above Kluane Lake

The overcast skies struck a colourful contrast to the new vegetation growing around Kluane Lake.

AK Hwy
Looking east over Kluane Lake from the Alaska Highway

The Congdon Creek Yukon Gov't campground is a favourite of ours. As usual, tenting not permitted due to a bear in the area. 

AK Hwy
Sign at Congdon Creek advising of no tenting

The campground was busy even though it was early in the afternoon. One of our favourite sites was open so we moved on in. There were light rain showers so the rain cover came out too!

AK Hwy
Campsite at Congdon Creek campground

The signs were up reminding campers of the bear. We've camped here many times and have not seen the bear. Last year we saw bear tracks, but not the bear.

AK Hwy
Bear signs at Congdon Creek

It was a quiet drizzly night. Very relaxing. Had a good dog walk. Enjoyed the all-night daylight too!

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