Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Haines Road from Haines AK to Haines Junction YT

26 May 2013 - Sunday

Woke to clear blue skies! The night was quiet except for the Willow Ptarmigan cackling now and then.  A beautiful spot to wake up, surrounded by mountains and quiet!

Haines Highway
Overnight camp spot

The surrounding scenery was spectacular. Perfect spot to walk with the dogs before heading out.

Haines Hwy
View to the south

The Willow Ptarmigan continued to watch us closely.

Haines Hwy
Willow Ptarmigan

Back on the Haines Highway we decided to backtrack to Three Guardsmen Pass so I could get some shots with the beautiful blue sky as a backdrop! 

Haines Hwy
Looking to the west near Haines Summit

Glave Peak looked very different than when we saw it in early March.
This time, more rock and no skiers!

Haines Hwy
Southbound towards Glave Peak, one of the three peaks at Three Guardsmen

Did a U-turn and headed northward towards home. 

Haines Hwy
White snow and blue skies, beautiful!

Haines Hwy
Southbound on the Haines Highway

The valley with Kelsall Lake is a favourite spot of ours. Again, beautiful! 

Haines Hwy
Kelsall Lake is in the valley to the right

Soon we left British Columbia and entered Yukon. It wasn't long before we saw some traffic ... 

Haines Road Moose
Moose running northbound on the Haines Road in Yukon 

The scenery is endless, in every direction.

Haines Hwy
Tatshenshini-Alsek park

Heading northward there is a great view of Dezadeash Lake, which was still frozen. 

Haines Hwy
Dezadeash Lake

In spots without ice, the lake colour was brilliant! 

Haines Hwy
Dezadeash Lake with open water and ice

It was warm! There is a pull-out alongside the Kathleen River and we stopped to enjoy the afternoon. Steve went fishing. I poked around with the camera. 

Haines Hwy
Kathleen River bridge & sign with Kluane Ranges as a backdrop

Steve caught a nice fish for lunch. I captured some shots of a pair of Barrows Goldeneye birds on the Kathleen River while ice floated by.

Barrows Goldeneye

Barrows Goldeneye
Mrs. & Mr. Barrows Goldeneye

Back on the road, heading north into Haines Junction. 

Haines Hwy
Kluane Ranges to the left and Haines Junction in the middle

Water levels were high approaching Haines Junction. 

Haines Hwy
Marshy area near Haines Junction

It was a fun weekend. Very enjoyable meandering on the Haines Highway. Not much traffic either, even though there was a beer festival in Haines.  I'm sure we'll be back soon!

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