Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Haines Highway - British Columbia and Alaska

25 May 2013 - Saturday afternoon

We had a delightful time at our lunch stop beside Chuck Creek. The Willow Ptarmigan provided much amusement and noisy clatter. Soon it was time to hit the road again.

Haines Hwy
Southbound towards Glave Peak, part of the Three Guardsmen

Not too much further was the border crossing into Alaska. The line-up surprised us until we saw the lone border agent helping push a vehicle from his booth!

Haines Hwy
Crossing into Alaska

The crossing went quickly, no issues. The highway began to follow a river.

Haines Hwy
The GPS topo map calls this Chilkat Lake, but it looks like a river to me

Haines Hwy
Chilkat Lake, heading south

It was time for supper so we pulled into a parking lot alongside the Haines harbour area. It made for interesting watching while we ate.

Haines Harbour
Haines harbour

It was time to find a camp spot for the night. We prefer rustic campgrounds so continued southward on Mud Bay Road to the Chilkat State Park. The scenery was nice. The fishermen busy.

The campground in the shade and feeling damp did not entice us to stay. Carried on to Seduction Point to stretch our legs and see the scenery.

Haines AK
Rainbow Glacier seen from Seduction Point at the end of Mud Bay Road

Returned to Haines and carried on to the Chilkoot State Park, 10 miles north off Lutak Road. Across the canal, waterfalls were visible.

Haines AK
Waterfalls across the Chilkat Lynn Canal

The state campground was a nice spot. But again we didn't feel like staying here. Maybe the grey skies just made things feel damp. Instead, we pulled into the day-use area. Took a walk with the dogs after waking up. There's a nice dock here for the fishermen. 

Haines AK
Looking north on Chilkoot Lake

From here, we drove back to Haines. Filled up the truck with fuel. Then started heading north on the Haines Highway. We weren't sure where we'd stop for the night.

Before we knew it, Canada Customs was straight ahead. We noticed two agents out, one approaching our vehicle and the other standing by with his hand on his side arm. Oh oh ... this can't be good. After a couple of questions, the agent welcomed us home and then advised we proceed slowly as there was a black bear on the edge of the highway just ahead! Phew ... the gun was for the bear, not for us!

We carried on ... with the long hours of daylight it was easy to continue. There was a nice spot near the Haines Summit. We pulled in and settled in for the night.

Haines Hwy
The view from our overnight camp spot

It was a nice spot. Quiet. We felt on top of the world!

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