Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Heading to Faro for the Crane & Sheep Festival!

2 May 2013 - Thursday evening & off to Braeburn

Figured we'd get a few miles in this evening by heading to Braeburn, where we could also visit with a friend.

Turned north on the Klondike Highway. The highway was bare of snow and the conditions made for good driving.
See my page dedicated to the North Klondike Highway for more info about this route.

Things were not too exciting until this group of Elk ...

Braeburn Elk Herd
Braeburn Elk alongside the Klondike Highway

Braeburn Elk Herd
The other two looked away while this female looked directly at us

Braeburn Elk Herd
One of the other girls was on the highway by herself, giving us the curious eye

Made it to Braeburn at about 8:30 p.m. Set ourselves up for the night drycamping, walked the dogs a bit, then shared some beverages with our friend and talked about important stuff -- dogs, weather, politics.

The evening was a bit chilly but not too bad. Crawled into bed for a good sleep.

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