Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Whitehorse to Rancheria Lodge, Alaska Highway

28 March 2013 - Thursday

With the Easter long weekend ahead, a trip to Liard River Hotsprings seemed a good idea. We wanted to see the new change rooms at the springs and enjoy some long soaks in the rustic pools.

To get a head start on the 400 mile drive, we left Thursday after work.
Skies were clear, as was the Alaska Highway!

I didn't get any pictures between Whitehorse and Teslin as I was driving.  From Teslin, Steve drove so I was able to take some shots.

Alaska Highway in winter
Southbound on the Alaska Highway, south of Teslin

Alaska Highway in winter

Alaska Highway in winter


The sky remained bright enough until about 9 p.m., when we reached Rancheria Lodge at historical mile 710.  The lodge was closed but the owner graciously consented to our parking in the lodge's yard for the night.

It was a chilly -10C (14F) as we settled in.

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