Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Clinton Creek YT to Alaska Highway AK

6 September 2012 - Thursday

We had a good night alongside the Yukon River.  Somewhat chilly in the morning. 
Nice though! We hiked along the Yukon River for the morning dog walk.  There was evidence that others had been in the area ... these were not there the night before.

Bear tracks at Forty Mile, Yukon
Mother bear and her cub had recently been nearby

After the walk and packing up, it was time to head back to the Top of the World Hwy.

Clinton Creek Road, Yukon
Returning to Clinton Creek Road

Clinton Creek Road, Yukon
The colours were spectacular!

Clinton Creek Road was in good condition this year.
Back on the Top of the World Highway the fall colours continued to impress.

Top of the World Highway, Yukon
Top of the World Highway

Time to stop for lunch ...

Top of the World Highway, Yukon
Lunch stop on the Top of the World Highway

A beautiful spot to stop for lunch! Now time to carry on towards the Alaska Highway.
It wasn't long before the Alaska border crossing.

Poker Creek
Poker Creek border crossing

Poker Creek border crossing
Poker Creek, Alaska ...staff accommodation at the border

For more detail about the Taylor Highway, see the main page for it. The Taylor Highway has a different type of scenery than the Top of the World. In the fall, things take on a different hue.

Taylor Highway
Wide variety of scenery along the Taylor Highway

Mount Fairplay
Rest area near Mount Fairplay

On the Alaska Highway it was time to turn south towards home.  Figured we stop at the Lakeview Campground in the Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge for the night.

Yarger Lake
Campsite at Lakeview Campground next to Yarger Lake

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