Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Ibex Valley to Kluane Lake - Alaska Highway

23 June 2012 - Saturday

Congdon Creek campground on the shores of Kluane Lake has always been a favourite spot.  The day was sunny and bright as we headed out for this one-night RV trip.

Alaska Highway, Yukon
Approaching Haines Junction northbound towards Kluane Lake

Nearer Kluane Lake some clouds filled in the horizon. 
Kluane Lake retained its deep blue luminance.

Kluane Lake, Yukon
Alaska Highway northbound alongside Kluane Lake

After setting up camp, we headed out for a walk.  Another RVer advised that a grizzly bear had been sighted in the area and cautioned us to not walk far.  Our experience has been there is always a bear or two or three in the area, and so we headed out anyway.

Kluane Lake, Yukon
Looking southward from one shore to the other

Ursa, our big dog, was the first to note something along the lakeshore.

Dog sniffing Grizzly track
Ursa taking note of something interesting along Kluane's shoreline

Steve investigated ...

Grizzly bear print on Kluane Lake shoreline
Steve checked into what Ursa was sniffing -- this is big!

Grizzly bear print on Kluane Lake shoreline
Steve contemplating the size of the bear print next to his foot; his t-shirt was just a coincidence!

Grizzly bear print on Kluane Lake shoreline
The tracks were impressive!

We were about a mile from the campground.  Figured it was time to turn around and head back! The evening was peaceful and relaxing.   

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