Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Klondike Highway to Frenchman Lake, Yukon

26 July 2011 - Tuesday

Our roadside stop was a good place to overnight, very near the highway. We continued southward on the Klondike Highway with the goal to reach the Frenchman Lake Yukon Gov't campground, on a side road from the Campbell Highway.

Southbound on the Klondike Highway, Yukon
First, road construction.  This is typical and can present challenges for those who don't like narrow lanes

As mentioned yesterday, the North Klondike Highway is not one of our favourite drives.  It is not that scenic compared to other routes. 

Southbound on the Klondike Highway, Yukon
Southbound on the North Klondike Highway a few miles north of Pelly Crossing - N62 53.269 W136 30.230

We've never stopped for too long in Pelly Crossing.  There aren't too many amenities.  In February 2012, I was in Pelly while travelling with the Yukon Quest sled dog race.  Gained a whole new perspective on the area...Pelly Farms is a place folks should look up when they're there.

Southbound on the Klondike Highway, Yukon
Further south, there is a spot we've never pulled into, about a mile off the highway along the Yukon River.

Even though the Yukon River is just off to the west of the highway, it is rarely seen from the highway.  Too many trees! 

Southbound on the Klondike Highway, Yukon
The Yukon River is about a 1/2 kilometre to the right here.

Many times we've stopped at Five Finger Rapids Recreation Site.  In June 2008 we hiked down to the rapids.  Not so bad going down but a couple hundred plus on the return!

Southbound on the Klondike Highway, Yukon
Five Finger Rapids Recreation Site

From the highway, there is a view of the Yukon River and the rapids in the distance. 

Southbound on the Klondike Highway, Yukon
Yukon River & Five Finger Rapids

Just north of Carmacks, the Campbell Highway intersects the North Klondike Highway.  The easiest access to Frenchman Lake is from the Campbell Highway.  Thus, we turned eastward. 

Eastbound on the Campbell Highway, Yukon
The north west end of the Campbell Highway is in good driving condition

Another rest area marks the site of the sinking of the S.S. Columbian in 1906.  The viewpoint also provides a scenic photography stop.

Eastbound on the Campbell Highway, Yukon
"The worst accident in the history of the Yukon's riverboat travel occurred here at Eagle Rock ... in 1906" 

Eastbound on the Campbell Highway, Yukon
The Yukon River above the location of the S.S. Columbian disaster

Eastbound on the Campbell Highway, Yukon
Looking east from the rest area

Back on the Campbell Highway, it was just a few more miles to the Frenchman-Tatchun Lake Road. 

Frenchman-Tatchun Lake Road, Yukon
Sign at the start of the Frenchman-Tatchun Lake Road

Just 4.5 kilometres to the campground, on a decent gravel road. 

Frenchman-Tatchun Lake Road, Yukon
Road from the Campbell Highway into Frenchman Lake

The Frenchman Lake Yukon Gov't campground is a nice spot with not too many sites.  The sites are generally open, some are lakeside.  We camped here in 2008 too. 

Sunset at Frenchman Lake, Yukon
Sunset at 11:18 p.m. on Frenchman Lake

Another lovely evening with a stunning sunset. 

We're not usually awake at 11 p.m. but how could we not be on this evening? 

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