Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Tombstone Park on the Dempster Highway, Yukon

24 July 2011 - Sunday continued

It had been fifteen years since we had driven up the Dempster Highway.  In 1996 when we visited Inuvik for the longest day of the year (the sun did not set), we did not stop or stay in the Tombstone area.  This year, I wanted to stay at the campground so we headed up the Dempster Highway with truck & fifth wheel.

Tombstone Park - Yukon Parks
Sign marking the entrance to Tombstone Park northbound on the Dempster Highway

The highway was in good driving condition for a gravel road. At Tombstone Mountain there is a viewpoint by the highway, looking west.

Tombstone Mountain along the Dempster Highway
Tombstone Mountain in the distance

This viewpoint provides great views of the valley.  From the campground it is also possible to hike along the river, which we did the next day.

Tombstone Mountain
Tombstone Mountain in the distance, at the end of the valley

Steve wanted to try some fishing so after unhooking the fifth wheel in a nice site at the campground, we continued on our way northward. We stopped by this river...

Along the Dempster Highway in Yukon
River with foxtails in the foreground

There was plenty for me to do while Steve continued fishing.

Dempster Highway northbound in Yukon
River and Dempster Highway, looking north

Mountain alongside the Dempster Highway
To the east, this mountain caught my eye

Steve wasn't having much luck fishing. That didn't bother me though...the landscape was stunning!

Unsuccessful fishing along the Dempster Highway in Yukon
Steve walks back with no fish

Driving back to the campground the landscape continued to impress!

Looking south towards the heart of Tombstone Park in Yukon
Southbound on the Dempster just north of the Tombstone Park campground

Another quiet night by the campfire at the campground.  Weather reports were indicating rain overnight and in the morning. 

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