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The paddlewheel graveyard near Dawson City, Yukon

24 July 2011 - Sunday

It had been years since we hiked to the paddlewheel graveyard just a bit north of the Yukon River Yukon Gov't Campground.  The Yukon River was running high so we couldn't walk along the river bank.  It took a bit of poking into the bush before we found the path to the old boats.

The boats had deteriorated greatly since our visit in 1993.  Kind of sad to see the old boats rotting away.

Paddlewheel in Dawson City in 1993
One of the old paddle wheelers in 1993

Paddlewheeler at Dawson City, Yukon
The same paddle wheeler in 2011

Paddlewheeler at Dawson City, Yukon

One of the big paddlewheels, still standing.  See Steve and Ursa standing in the middle!

Paddlewheeler at Dawson City, Yukon
Paddlewheel near Dawson City

The remains of the interior of one of the old boats.

Paddlewheeler at Dawson City, Yukon

Down by the river ...

Paddlewheeler at Dawson City, Yukon
Remnants of one of the paddlewheels

Despite the passage of many decades, the wood is still in place.  In 1993, this boat was in similar condition.

Paddlewheeler at Dawson City, Yukon
The boat along the river in 2011

Paddlewheel in 1993
The boat along the river in 1993

After the hike, we headed out of town.  Figured we make some miles up the Dempster Highway to Tombstone.

July 24 continued ...


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