Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Beaver Creek to West Fork Campground, Taylor Hwy

21 July 2011 - Thursday

Today, Alaska. It was a lovely day to hit the road and make our way to the border.

At the border, all was fine except we had some oranges. The customs agent let us peel the oranges and leave the peels to be incinerated. We headed off with our naked oranges, planning to have them for lunch.

At one of the paved rest areas, we decided to stop to take the dogs for a pee-hop.

Alaska Highway view north of Beaver Creek, Yukon
View west of Alaska Highway past the Alaska border - N62 49.608 W141 23.581

We carried on to Tok to fuel up for the trip on the Taylor Highway. After backtracking a few miles, we were on the Taylor Highway once again!

Taylor Hwy, Alaska
Eastbound on the Taylor Highway - N63 23.959 W142 29.270

Taylor Highway, Alaska
Looking back westward from just past the spot pictured above - N63 24.025 W142 29.125

Taylor Highway, Alaska
At Mile 11, eastbound on the Taylor Highway - N63 25.514 W142 29.147

Taylor Highway, Alaska
Just before Mile 14, eastbound on the Taylor Highway - N63 27.379 W142 29.285

Mile 16, Taylor Highway, Alaska
Mile 16 eastbound on the Taylor Highway - N63 29.539 W142 25.276

Taylor Highway, Alaska
Mile 33, near Mt. Fairplay, on the Taylor Highway - N63 41.518 W142 15.628

The day was perfect for meandering along the highway. It is a route on which we take our time, otherwise the roughness of the road can be too disruptive on the fifth wheel. 

Taylor Highway, Alaska
Apparently this is Logging Cabin Creek, according to Garmin - N63 48.713 W142 12.531

It was time to find a spot for the night. We arrived at West Fork Campground, a Bureau of Land Management facility with limited services. Very similar to the Yukon Government Campgrounds.

West Fork Campground, Taylor Highway, Alaska
Looking west at West Fork Campground from the access road - N63 53.199 W142 14.037

Later in the evening we took a stroll with the dogs. It was about 9 p.m. Alaska time.

Taylor Highway, Alaska
Westward toward West Fork Dennison River - N63 53.295 W142 14.024

Ursa decided it was a nice evening for a dip and sip. The river seemed low, compared to the water markings on the bridge pier. It was also obvious which way the water flowed!

West Fork Dennison River, Taylor Highway, Alaska
Ursa dips & sips in the West Fork Dennison River

There were numerous trails around the campground. One trail led to a marshy area that also housed red squirrels. Didn't see the squirrels but saw evidence of their presence.

Squirrel Midden, West Fork Campground, Taylor Highway, Alaska
A red squirrel midden at West Fork Campground

The marshy area was attractive. Apparently moose are often in this spot. Not tonight though. 

Marsh at West Fork Campground, Taylor Highway, Alaska
Marsh at West Fork Campground

The wetland was extensive. 

Marsh at West Fork Campground, Taylor Highway, Alaska
Looking down on the marsh and adjoining wetland

It was a pleasant evening. The campground was only about a third full. Mosquitoes were abundant though, so we didn't stay outside too long! 

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