Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Meziadin Lake, Cassiar Highway to
Highway 16 then west to Kitimat, B.C.

12 September 2009 - Saturday

The weather wizards were predicting much rain, yet we were lucking out with only some overcast with occasional sunny spots. Very lucky indeed, as our trip northward had us in torrential downpour at Meziadin!

The campground was busy enough that most of the waterfront spots were taken, but the big open area was quiet and very much too our liking!

Cassiar Hwy, BC
Campsite at Meziadin Lake on the Cassiar Hwy, BC

South of Meziadin Lake, the Cassiar Highway is easy driving. We checked out a few boondock spots, but did not explore the backroads being mindful it was hunting season.

, YT
Southbound on the Cassiar Highway

At the Hwy 16/37 junction, the truck headed west. Kitimat is south of Terrace and the official start of Hwy 37. This year we had an excuse to go that way, to visit a friend and fellow camping enthusiast! 

In 2007, after disembarking from the BC Ferry in Prince Rupert, we drove eastward to the Cassiar Hwy junction. However, did not explore any of the area, instead taking the direct route on Hwy 16. We looked forward to seeing again the sights. 

, YT
Westbound on Hwy 16, between the Hwy 16/37 junction & Terrace, BC 

Our overnight spot was Gary's driveway in Kitimat.

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