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Kluane Lake - Congdon Creek campground

2 September 2009 - Wednesday

The wind blew throughout the night and continued in the morning. The blue skies eased my disappointment at not having a lake calm enough for a kayak outing!

Kluane Lake, Yukon
Looking south on the Alaska Highway from near the entrance to Congdon Creek campground 

On the start of the Congdon Creek hiking trail, the sign marking the boundary of the Kluane National Park blended well with the scenery and was peeking from behind some shrubs.

Sign at Kluane National Park, Yukon
Sign marking the boundary of the Kluane National Park on the west side of the Alaska Highway

Back at the campsite, Steve readied his bike and equipment for the day's adventure. I looked forward to a day of sitting around enjoying the sun and lake.

Congdon Creek, similar to many of the creeks descending on the west side of Kluane Lake, was wide and rocky. During the spring run-off the water fills the creek bed. During our September visit, the creek was barely there!

Montesa trials ride up Congdon Creek, Yukon
Steve's Montesa trials bike parked at the start of his ride up Congdon Creek

The creek bed was the trail; Steve slowly but surely traversed the rocks and boulders on the way up. At one point, the creek narrowed so much his bike barely fit through the gap.

Congdon Creek ride with Montesa trials bike
The creek bed narrowed higher in the hills above the tree line

Congdon Creek in Kluane National Park
Looking back down the creek

Montesa trials ride up Congdon Creek
The fall colours provided a spectacular backdrop to Steve's ride up Congdon Creek

On the way down the mountain, Steve noticed a cabin along the creek's edge. He stopped to explore a bit. The cabin hadn't been occupied for a few years.

Cabin on Congdon Creek, Yukon
Cabin on Congdon Creek, near Kluane Lake 

Cabin on Congdon Creek, Yukon
Cabin on Congdon Creek

Steve rode 14 km about two hours, and another two hours home. While he was up the creek without a paddle, I was lazing about the campsite enjoying a book in the brilliant sunshine.

Kluane Lake, Yukon
View eastward from the shore near our campsite at Congdon Creek Yukon gov't campground

After supper, it was time for another exploration of the area. As we headed south, we drove along the old Alaska Highway near the shore of the lake.

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