Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Morley Lake (Alaska Highway) to Atlin, BC

29 August 2009 - Saturday

Woke to a reasonable morning. Before departing, a walk with the dogs was in order.

Morley Lake, British Columbia
Bright colours greeted us on our dog walk this morning

Back on the Alaska Highway, the skies were overcast but no rain.
The sun was trying to peek through as we approached Teslin Lake.

Alaska Highway in Yukon
Northbound 2 km south of Teslin, with Teslin Lake visible on the left

Alaska Highway in Yukon
Looking north on the Teslin River from the Alaska Highway

At Jake's Corner a turn to the south led the truck to Atlin Road. There was some reconstruction underway on the north end and we followed a pilot car through the zone.

Atlin Road, Yukon
The Atlin Road under construction, southbound 

The Atlin Road was damp and muddy from recent rains.

Atlin Road, Yukon & BC
Atlin Road southbound entering British Columbia from Yukon

Pulled into Atlin, looked around and decided to look for a quiet campsite. Eventually found our way to the Warm Bay Recreation Site south of Atlin. It was a nice spot.

Camping at Warm Bay Recreation Site near Atlin, BC
Campsite at Warm Bay Recreation Site south of Atlin 

While walking to the spring, a bear crossed the road about 50' ahead of us. The big red dog is a fierce bear dog and was immediately on alert for more.

Hot springs at Warm Bay near Atlin, BC
The pond is the warm spring near Warm Bay, south of Atlin

Warm Bay near Atlin, BC
View from the warm springs near Atlin 

Warm Bay near Atlin, BC
View near the warm springs south of Atlin 

It was a very nice evening. Steve sat by the campfire while I sat by the lake hoping for a nice sunset.

Atlin Lake, BC
Dusk on Atlin Lake, viewed from our campsite at Warm Bay Recreation Site 

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