Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Klondike Highway, Dawson City to Tatchun Lake Yukon

30 June 2008

We had planned to stay the day in Dawson City. However, we decided to head south to explore some "backroads". It was a decent day as we headed south from Dawson City to the turnoff to Tatchun Lake.

The Frenchman-Tatchun Road meanders east from the Klondike Highway to the Campbell Highway along the Tatchun Hills. There are three Yukon Gov't campgrounds at lakes along this road.

Klondike Highway near Stewart Crossing, Yukon
Looking west from the Klondike Highway between Dawson City and Stewart Crossing

Klondike Highway, Yukon
Evidence of forest fire to the west, southbound on the Klondike Highway

Yukon  River, Klondike Highway, Yukon
Yukon River alongside Klondike Highway, north of Carmacks

The sign marking the road to Tatchun Lake is easy to miss. The Tatchun Lake campground should not be confused with the Tatchun Creek campground that is beside the Klondike Highway.

Sign at Tatchun Lake road and Klondike Highway, Yukon
Sign on the east side of the Klondike Highway marking the entrance to Frenchman Tatchun Road

The 8.4 km to Tatchun Lake was good gravel and easy driving. The campsites were roomy.

Campsite at Tatchun Lake campground, Yukon
Campsite at Tatchun Lake Yukon Gov't campground

Tatchun Lake was typical of many Yukon lakes. It is marshy around the edges and surrounded by much greenery. There was also a boat launch and a dock.

Tatchun Lake, Yukon
Tatchun Lake

There was also a great spot to launch the canoe so Steve headed out for an evening paddle and some fishing. While Steve was fishing, I took pictures of the wildlife near our campsite.

Whisky Jack at Tatchun Lake, Yukon
Whisky Jack at Tatchun Lake

Squirrel at Tatchun Lake, Yukon
Squirrel at Tatchun Lake

Squirrel at Tatchun Lake, Yukon
Another fuzzy furry at Tatchun Lake

Apparently there were no fish in Tatchun Lake, not one or so the story went, anyway.

Tatchun Lake, Yukon
Steve on Tatchun Lake in the indestructible Coleman canoe

The campground was about half full, even though this it was a long weekend (Canada Day!). 
It was a quiet and bright night just 8 days after the longest day of the year.

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