Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Boya Lake on the Cassiar Highway in British Columbia to
Teslin on the Alaska Highway in Yukon

Wednesday 18 June 2008

This morning was bright and clear. We went on the hiking trail at the south end of the Boya Lake campground near the boat launch. The trail is easy walking. Near the end of the trail, there's a large beaver dam.

Hiking at Boya Lake, Cassiar Highway
Beaver dam at Boya Lake

After the beaver dam the trail gets damper as it follows the channel between the two lakes.

Hiking at Boya Lake, Cassiar Highway
Trail near Boya Lake, just past the beaver dam

A small viewing platform is at the end of the trail. Last night we canoed by this spot.

Hiking at Boya Lake, Cassiar Highway
Viewing platform at the end of the trail

By late morning we were ready to get onto the Cassiar Highway and drive to the Yukon border a couple of hours north of Boya Lake. The weather took a drastic change fand we drove through snow, rain and a high wind storm.

The road was rough for about 30 km (20 miles) south of the border and we looked forward to seeing the border sign as it meant we were only a few miles from the Alaska Highway.

B.C. & Yukon border on the Cassiar Highway
Sign greeting travellers as they reach the Yukon

The Alaska Highway provides for expansive views of the mountains and highway.

Driving the Alaska Highway just south of Rancheria Falls, Yukon
Alaska Highway northbound, south of Rancheria Falls

These pictures were taken through the truck windows so are not perfectly clear.

Driving the Alaska Highway south of Rancheria Falls, Yukon
Alaska Highway northbound, south of Rancheria Falls

Rancheria Falls recreation site was a good spot for lunch and a short hike and dog walk. The parking area is large and provides an easy turnaround for truck and fifth wheel. Despite ominous clouds and thunder, we did the short hike to the falls.

Hike to Rancheria Falls, Yukon
Rancheria Falls

The weather remained overcast with heavy rain. Teslin was enjoying a massive downpour when we arrived. After debating whether to carry on to the nearby Yukon government campground, we decided to overnight at the Yukon Motel & RV Park in Teslin. The RV park is a large open area along the lakeshore. After dinner we visited the wildlife museum next door to the RV park. Admittance was free and the displays were wonderful! Overall it was a good RV park that also offered a good gasoline discount for people staying the night.

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