Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Alaska Highway - Kluane Lake to Beaver Creek Yukon

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Kluane Lake northward

approaching Destruction Bay
Approaching community of Destruction Bay northbound

Kluane Lake
Kluane Lake viewed southbound on the Alaska Highway, north of Burwash Landing - September 2013

Kluane River
Kluane River seen from the rest area on the Alaska Highway - September 2013

Saint Claire PeakSaint Claire Peak towering over the Donjek River below - September 2013

Donjek river
Looking east up the Donjek River from the Alaska Highway - September 2014

Donjek River
Looking west up the Donjek River - March 2014

The summer of 2008, the new Donjek River Bridge was open and the old bridge remained in place to the west.  In 2010 the old bridge and its approaches were gone.

Donjek River bridges, June 2008 -- on the Alaska Highway (Alcan)
Southbound at the Donjek River bridges - June 2008

Alaska Highway marsh
Wetlands north of the Donjek River Bridge, looking westward from the highway - September 2013

Pickhandle Lake
Approaching Pickhandle Lake rest area - September 2017

Pickhandle Lake
Fishing on Pickhandle Lake - September 2013

AK Hwy
Looking to the north along the Alaska Highway near the Koidern River - September 2013

Fall colours
Fall colours along the Alaska Highway - September 2013

Koidern Lodge
One of the old lodges along the Alaska Highway, Koidern Lodge - September 2014

Northbound on Alaska Highway
North of Koidern River, heading northbound - September 2014

In June 2008 we saw eight moose between Snag and Kluane Lake, including two sets of moms with calf. It was raining so picture quality is bad.

Two young bull moose between White River and Donjek River, Yukon
Two young bulls trotting into the bush - June 2008

White River
On the Alaska Highway, looking east along the White River - September 2014

White River
Same view of the White River as shown above - March 2014

Alaska Highway in Yukon
More rough road - August 2010

Alaska Highway
Same section of road as the above image, but in March 2014 - things don't change much!

Construction sign
This section of highway is always rough and it is being studied - September 2014

New construction
A lot of work for one culvert in melting permafrost! - September 2014

Small Lake at Snag Junction
Small Lake at the Snag Junction campground - September 2013

Snag Lake
Snag Lake seen from the Alaska Highway - June 2008

Kayaking on Snag Lake
Kayaking on Snag Lake (Enger Lake) - September 2016

Alaska Highway view in Yukon
Looking west from the Alaska Highway towards the Wrangell Mountains - August 2010

Sign to Beaver Creek, Yukon on Alaska Highway
Approaching the Beaver Creek bridge - August 2010

Welcome to Beaver Creek sign
Most westerly community in Canada! My home town.

Historical sign at Beaver Creek
Fiftieth anniversary of the Alaska Highway construction

Beaver Creek Beaver Creek - March 2014

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Snag - access road at km 1911

According to Wikipedia, Snag, Yukon was settled during the Klondike Gold Rush.  Later it was the site of a military airfield, established as part of the Northwest Staging Route, which closed in 1968. 

In 1947, the village of Snag boasted a population of 8 to 10 natives and fur traders.  An additional staff of 15-20 airport personnel — meteorologists, radio operators, aircraft maintenance men — lived at the airport barracks.  My Dad, Jack Stalberg, joined them in the early 1950s.

There is very little left to see in Snag.  The airfield is overgrown with trees, the federal government reclaimed the site and the road is a narrow, twisty dirt  that required 4-wheel drive in 2008 due to the high water levels.

Snag, Yukon, also boasts the record-low temperature for North America.
On February 3, 1947 it was −81.4 F (-63C).

Do not drive into Snag with anything other than a 4x4, unless you are certain the road is passable.  In June 2008 the one-lane road was in decent shape but there were several deep ponds that would have been impossible to drive through in a car. In September 2013 crews were upgrading the road and replacing some culverts. In September 2014 the road was in decent shape.

Snag Road
Road into Snag - June 2008

View from Snag Road
View from the road into Snag, looking west towards the Kluane Range - June 2008

White River near Snag Creek, Yukon (YT)
Snag Creek joining the White River at the end of the road, past Snag - June 2008

Vintage truck at Snag, Yukon (YT)
Truck amongst fireweed at the abandoned community of Snag - September 1993

Building at Snag, Yukon (YT)
The only remaining building at Snag - June 2008

Snag, Yukon

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