Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Northern Lights in Yukon

7 November 2017

The northern lights appeared early so I went out with the camera.

Aurora starting in Yukon
Northern lights starting to flare to the east a few minutes after 7 p.m.

Northern Lights in Yukon
7:53 pm looking to the North

Northern Lights seen from the Ibex Valley in Yukon
A light streaks kept changing

At 8:30 pm the aurora were getting brighter so I headed out and before I got to my favourite photo spot the lights were amazing and moving fast with grant colour!

colourful northern lights in Yukon
Brilliant colour shifting very fast at 8:33 pm

Aurora in Yukon
8:34 pm

Northern Lights and aurora in full colour
8:35 pm

Then the brilliance started to fade and the lights slowed down.

fading northern lights
The lights started to fade out at 8:36 pm.