Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Kluane Lake to Beaver Creek - Alaska Highway

14 September 2017 - Thursday

It was a brilliant morning when we woke up at 7:30! The sun was rising.

sunrise over Kluane Lake
Sun rising over Kluane Lake at 7:35 am

Kluane Lake morning
At 8:30 the colours had changed but the views remained beautiful

Alaska Highway at Kluane Boat Launch
Heading south on the Alaska Highway towards Haines Junction

At Sheep Mountain the Dall Sheep were on the Alaska Highway near the visitor's centre.

Dall Sheep at Sheep Mountain
Dall Sheep on the Alaska Highway

Dall Sheep
Dall Sheep snacking

Dall Sheep by Kluane Lake
More Dall Sheep

Dall Shee[ on Highway Shoulder
Dall Sheep beside the Slims River mudflats

Fall colours are wonderful.

Fall colours on Sheep Mountain
Sheep Mountain

Dall sheep on Sheep Mountain
Dall Sheep on Sheep Mountain

Sheep Mountain with Dall Sheep
Dall Sheep on Sheep Mountain

Slims River valley
Slims River mudflats - looking west from the Alaska Highway in Kluane National Park

Slims River
Slims River

Alaska Highway
Heading south towards Haines Junction from Kluane Lake

View to the west
View to the west of the Alaska Highway

Rainy wet highway
Overcast skies over Alaska Highway

Valley view
View west of the Alaska Highway

Welcome to Haines Junction sign
Sign approaching Haines Junction

Paint Mountain
View of Paint Mountain heading southeast on the Alaska Highway from Haines Junction

Approaching Canyon Creek
Approaching Canyon Creek rest area on the left

Fall colours Alaska Highway
Fall colours were brilliant

The weather did not improve so we enjoyed the rest of our vacation at home. 

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