Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Watson Lake YT to Liard hotsprings BC- Alaska Highway

5 September 2017

After having yesterday's flat tire replaced in Watson Lake, we continued our journey south with our goal being the Liard River hotsprings for the night.

Arrving in BC on the Alaska Highway
Welcome to British Columbia sign, southbound on the Alaska Highway near km 965

Electronic sign at BC border
At the BC/Yukon border there's a sign about bison

Alaska Highway scene southbound
southbound on a colourful fall day

Bison on the Alaska Highway
Our first bison sighting near km 925 in BC

Alaska Highway southbound
crossing from Yukon back into BC near Iron Creek

Near the Liard River
continuing to head south on the Alaska Highway near km 889

View south
southbound on the Alaska Hwy near km 863

Liard River by the Alaska Highway
Liard River beside the Alaska Highway

Distance sign on the Alaska Highway
only 58 km to go to Liard River

More bison on the highway
fall colours and bison beside the Alaska Highway near km 803

Bison on the Alaska Highway
bison heading south on the Alaska Highway

More bison
beside the bison along the highway

Close up bison
big boy

Bison on the Alaska Highway shoulder
bison walking along the shoulder of the Alaska Highway

We arrived at the Liard River hotsprings just after 12 noon. Took a campsite, ate lunch, and then headed to the hot pool for a nice soaking.

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