Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Two Canada Lynx by the Alaska Highway

5 March 2016 - Saturday

We saw a lynx by the Alaska Highway when we were out for a drive on a sunny day. As we pulled over, another lynx came out of the bush. They had a hissy fit and then relaxed for 20 minutes before walking away. I took some video of the hissing, linked below. 

Two lynx
The lynx on the right came up out of the brush and approached the lynx on the left

There was some obvious hostility. It was over a dead varmint in the snow.

Rolling in the snow - lynx
Who is going to give in?

Lynx starting to fight
Rolling in the snow

Lynx fighting in the snow
Take that, and that!

They both got back on their feet and had a snarling match. Hear the hissing in the video below

Lynx hissing at each other
Having a bit of a hissy fit

Eventually the one on the right turned and walked away, leaving the other to relax.

Lynx walking away
Calm again

Lynx enjoying the sun
Taking a break while the other chews on a dead varmint

Lynx strutting
Heading back over to the bushy area

The lynx with the meat took it into the bush and the other tried to follow. The one in the bush came back snarling and spitting.

Lynx not welcom
Not welcome!

Lynx hissy fit
Having a bit of a hissy fit and starting to back off again

Lynx backing up
Lynx on the left was shuffling backwards while the one on the right moved towards it

I switched cameras and took some video. The howling is intense!
Watch and hear the fight - 85 seconds of video:

Now back to some more images...

Calm lynx
Resting in the sun again

Lynx relaxing
The other lynx relaxed too

Lynx noticing the photographer
Then the lynx seemed to become aware of me!

But not threatening, just relaxing

The video shows the two walking off together, friends again.  

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