Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Northern Lights in Yukon

31 December 2015 - Happy New Year !

At 7:30 in the morning there were some subtle northern lights across the sky.
The moon was bright too. It isn't often we see the aurora in the morning ...

Morning northern lights
Northern lights in the morning, blanketing the sky

Twelve hours later the northern lights made an appearance again. At 8pm, I headed out with the camera to see what it could capture. The camera often captures more than my eye can see. There was a patch of green to the east so I shot some images that way.
Sure enough, the six second exposure caught some subtleties that I couldn't see.

A streak of green
Looking to the east, towards Whitehorse

About 20 minutes later, I was heading inside. THEN a streak of light flashed across the sky to the north! These images show the sequence of the lights, with about 10 seconds between each shot.

A streak of light starting
A streak begins to move across the sky to the north

Northern Lights starting to streak
A streak of colour flashed over the cabin

Aurora continuing its streak
The colours raised upwards with streaks

More northern lights
Some of the colour went subtle

amazing colour
Pink? Where did that come from?

pinks too!
A multitude of colours as the northern lights continued to move quickly across the sky

I pivoted the camera on the tripod to face east, to catch more colour and then another streak!

A flash of colour
A streak of light moving quickly behind a cloud

Odd shapes and streaks!

An amazing night! Happy New Year!

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