Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Aurora / Northern Lights in Yukon

20 December 2015 - Sunday

The northern lights started early this evening, at 6:45! The moon was also bright which detracts a bit from the brilliant aurora. Even so, the display was amazing! Much red colour and moving fast and pulsing on and off!

Aurora in Yukon
The first brilliance appeared to the north

Aurora to the south
Then to the east, with the moon also shining brightly

Overhead there was some amazing stuff happening, so I pointed the camera straight up.

Looking up
Looking up

Then to the east again, the lights suddenly ignited. And moving FAST. Very fast! Even with four seconds of shutter speed, the lights blurred in the photos.

Fast colour
Brilliant colour to the east

At six seconds of shutter, the lights overexposed they were so bright!

Overexposed northern lights

Northern lights
The colour settled a bit, but still moving fast

Then I noticed a formation to the west of the cabin. This first one reminds me of an alien.

An alien light over the cabin
An alien about to pounce the cabin?

Northern lights to the west
The alien softened and twirled

Then the streaks spread out and softened some more

Aurora in they sky
Back to the east, there was a flash of light

It was chilly tonight, about -24C. By 7:15 pm the lights were fading. Good thing.
My shutter finger was getting frosty!

The end
One last shot to the north before heading in to warm up

The northern lights faded out after about 30 minutes. Those 30 minutes were amazing though!

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