Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Aurora / Northern Lights in Yukon

19 December 2015 - Saturday

A few minutes before 9 pm the northern lights started. There was much red due to an geomagnetic storm. The lights were also shifting and moving quickly, sometimes strobing on/off, very unique!

Northern Lights
The northern lights started slowly, to the east.

Aurora to the east
Then a band of colour streaked out

Aurora starting to the east
Aurora the to the east of us

Aurora over the cabin
Looking north towards the cabin and the aurora

Aurora over the cabin again
The lights shifted quickly

Aurora borealis over the cabin
The lights moved quickly with high reaching streaks

Northern Lights over the cabin to the north
The lights were getting thick and fast to the north

The moon was just over half but the clear sky meant plenty of light for walking, so I headed into the bush for a different view.

Aurora to the north
Looking to the north

Aurora over the hills to the north
The lights continued to move quickly with streaks

Red aurora northern lights
To the north there was a red highlight at the ridge

I don't usually do selfies, but decided to experiment. The bright light is the moon.

Selfie to the south
Selfie experiment

The northern lights faded out after about 30 minutes. Those 30 minutes were amazing though!

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