Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Aurora - Northern Lights

7 October 2015 - Wednesday

October skies have been filled with aurora this year. Usually with a bit of overcast, and often too late for this photographer. Tonight, stepped out with the dogs for their bedtime pee and whoa! aurora to the north at 9:20 p.m.

Even though it wasn't the most spectacular display of the northern lights, it was nice to see and good to get back in practice with the camera and tripod. 

For more northern lights, see my page with images from better nights

Aurora to the North
To the north

Aurora in Yukon
I like seeing the Big Dipper with the northern lights so rotated left for this shot

More aurora over Yukon
A nice curve of lights to the north

Aurora again
Some streaks and movement, with a cloud here and there

Last one of the aurora
Can't wait for the sky to be full again!

Here's a reminder of how stunning the aurora can be, this from 11 April 2015.

A favourite shot of aurora

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