Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Elk bugling in Yukon - Alaska Highway

26 September 2015 - Saturday

The elk were bugling all around about 7:30 p.m. We could hear the elk but not see them, so I jumped in the car and drove out to the Alaska Highway. Sure'nuff, the elk were all around.  There's two videos further down here.

Elk along the Alaska Highway
The elk were near the Alaska Highway - this looking southward

Takhini elk - wapiti
Here's one of the elk who was making all the noise

While photographing and videoing the elk, I noticed the moon rising over the mountains to the south. Tomorrow night it would be a full moon, super moon and blood moon. It was stunning!

Hear the elk bugle:


I was using auto mode on the camera, a Leica V-LUX4 super zoom. It takes incredible night shots and does a great job capturing the moon. When I zoomed back to include more of the mountains, the camera adjusted the exposure but the moon was then a bit over-exposed. Still wonderful!

auto shooting the moon

Back to the elk bugling all around, maybe five bulls. I could hear two of them butting their antlers. There were two bulls on a nearby slope, but it was getting dark and they were a long ways off.

Another of my videos, this time showing the elk bugling:

Elk on a slope
Two bull elk high on a nearby slope

Bull elk in Yukon
The bull with one of his girls

Bugling elk
It was getting dark and this was the last good image I captured of the bull

To see more images of this grand elk, visit my page dedicated to elk.
Here's some more of the moon rising.

almost full moon rising in Yukon
Moon rising over the Boundary Ranges in Yukon

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